Brand Identity, Editorial Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Typography, Clothing Design.

Pest is a unisex apparel brand providing creature comfort.

Placing a focus on the beauty in imperfections. Pest is a celebration of the west coast of Ireland and the alternative culture that resides there. Acknowledging the rugged authenticity that the environment fosters.

The current state of alternative fashion in this part of the world, is to produce clothing that gets worn once and preserved in pristine condition. Those clothes aren’t designed to go play in. You can’t get those clothes filthy. We want our garments to be lived in. Celebrating the ability to get lost in nature and look admirable while doing so.

With these values at our core, we design our garments at the best quality for play.

Model: Nathali Turner

Director: Anne O'Shea

Photographer: Zoe Ardiff

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